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Research shows that spam can cost an enterprise $500 per year per employee from lost productivity, network resources, storage cost, bandwidth cost, support cost and lost efficiencies are taken into consideration.

To see how Only Hosting's spam filter solution can save your business money, enter the details below and the numbers will automatically change to reflect your business's data.

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Spam Cost Calculator Costs and Savings
Number of Employee Mailboxes:
Average Annual Salary (company-wide):
Average E-mails per Employee per Day: Messages
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Cost of Spam Employees Delete/Ignore  
Direct Lost Productivity per Employee: 12.67 hours per year
Direct Lost Productivity for Entire Organization: 31.68 days per year
Spam Deletion Cost per Employee: $176.54 per year
Lost Productivity Cost to the Enterprise: $3,530.80 per year
Cost of Spam Employees Respond To  
Annual Productivity Loss Due to Spam Responses: 95.05 employee days
Lost Productivity Cost to the Enterprise: $10,592.37 per year
Spam Storage Costs  
Average Spam Storage Cost per Employee: $17.52 per year
Spam Storage Cost for Entire Organization: $350.40 per year
Total Cost of Spam for Organization: $14,473.57 per year
Cost of Spam Missed by Current Anti-Spam Solution: $0.00 per year
Savings Using Synergy Spam Filtering: $14,468.18 per year

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